Johana Trayanova’s FRAGILE: A Solo Photography Exhibition

On August 18th, 2022, Johana Trayanova unveiled her third solo photography exhibition, FRAGILE, at the Credo Bonum Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. The exhibition is a tribute to her mother and explores the fragility of the human soul through the lens of botanical blossoms.

Using three transferred polaroids, Trayanova creates mosaics with missing pieces, inviting the audience to search for their own missing piece and contemplate their fragility. The photographs are displayed in a geodesic sphere, creating a unique space within a space.

What makes the exhibition even more immersive is the accompanying sound, which adds another layer of depth to the visual experience. Trayanova’s goal is to create a special atmosphere that will engage and challenge the viewers.

The FRAGILE exhibition is a thought-provoking display of Trayanova’s artistic vision and technical skills. Her use of polaroids and mosaics creates a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere that captures the essence of fragility. It’s an exhibition that asks the audience to stop and think about the nature of the human soul and our place in the world.

The exhibition can be seen from August 18th to September 10th @ Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.