collective exhibition of artists-in-residence

When: 27.11.2017, Studio Кооперация, 167 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Everybody has secrets – children, families, all human beings, even the city and its streets. Some of the secrets can be dark, some can be charming. But every time, exploring a secret is enlightening.

By sharing them, it helps us to understand each other better and to accept the diversity of human emotion, identity and character.

In the exhibition “Penetralia”, the resident artists (Aleksandra Korszun, Allison Bernadette Long, Gergana Nikolova, Johana Trayanova, Yuan Nos) invite you into the most private parts of human nature – dreams, memories, and the things that hide in our most intimate relations and/or in a global collective.

World of Co artists-in-residence, November 2017:

Aleksandra Korszun (Photographer & Intermedia artist, Poland)

Allison Bernadette Long (Visual artist & Singer-songwriter, Canada)

Gergana Nikolova (Painter, Bulgaria)

Johana Trayanova (Photographer, Bulgaria)

Yuan Nos (Designer & Photographer, Taiwan)

* World of CО is a program for international artists-in-residence in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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