Johana Trayanova exhibits an experimental multidisciplinary project that combines photography, sound and visual poetry to create an audiovisual landscape within public spaces of various Bulgarian cities.

Through experimental polaroid triptychs and aural landscapes, located within a mobile dome in a public space, Johana Trayanova invites the viewers to stop and ponder, to attempt to grasp nature and its power, as well as its fragility. A Piece of Earth is a mosaic of images and sounds, representing moments and movements of nature. The core of the project is the return to what is natural and human. The exhibition is a metaphor of the variety and interconnectedness of the Universe. The polaroid triptychs recreate moments, movements and delights that surround us. The process used by Johana Trayanova in her second solo exhibition is called polaroid emulsion lift. It involves the removal of the photographic emulsion from the polaroid and transferring it to paper. The process imbues the photographs with a sense of being a moment of and a piece of Earth.

The visitors will have the chance to read a book of visual poetry as part of the exhibition.

The exhibition is supported by the program “Creative Intervention in Public Environments” by National Culture Fund, and will be held in various public spaces in the country.